Top features of iOS 17, which is launching for iPhones today, that may tempt you to switch to iOS

With this function, you can alter the display that callers view. You may make a customised poster using your name, several photo effects, and Memoji.

Contact Posters:

This function adds intrigue to the routine contact-sharing procedure. To use NameDrop, all you need to do is hold your iPhone close to another person's iPhone or Apple Watch.

Swap numbers with NameDrop:

As soon as you hold your iPhone close to another device, Apple AirDrop and SharePlay can be automatically launched. Similar to NameDrop, it is a useful function to use because of how simple it is to share.

AirDrop and SharePlay:

You can pick up the call when someone is leaving you a message when they call and you can watch a live transcription of the message. Even before you pick up the phone, you can tell what the caller wants to discuss with you.

Live Voicemail:

This function centralises all of your iMessage applications. To display all the things you send most frequently, including photographs, voice messages, and your location, hit the new + button.

Unified Apps Menu in Messages:

When you reach your destination, such as your home, this feature will immediately notify a friend or member of your family. For frequent travellers who wish to keep their friends and family updated on where they are, this new function may be useful.

Check-In in Messages:

You can now pause and resume recording an audio message once you've already started it before sending. You can listen to received audio messages while exiting the Messages app, at up to two times the normal pace, or by viewing a transcription.

Audio Message Improvements:

The new Location app allows you to share your location or ask for someone else's location directly from the plus button in Messages. The chat window's position will continue to be live. It won't need to be opened in Maps.

Location-Sharing Improvements:

Calls can be transferred from your iPhone to your TV or started immediately from the FaceTime app on Apple TV using your iPhone as a camera.

FaceTime on Apple TV:

While charging, flip your iPhone over so that it will be even more handy when you put it down. You will be able to see quick-to-glance information like the time and significant notifications.

StandBy Option:

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