Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

The protagonist of the tale is David, a helpless youth who is bullied. When his mother is killed in a gang fight, David finds her secret cyberweapon, the Sandevistan cyberwar, which gives him superspeed. Can he defend it while under attack from enemies and adjust?

TerrorIn Resonance

The two teens at the crux of this psychological thriller are responsible for a string of explosions in Tokyo.They leave a trail of mayhem and cryptic clues, leading the public and law enforcement to wonder why they are doing it.

Angel Beats

The plot of the comedy Angel Beats, which combines humour, action, and a hint of the paranormal, centres on a group of students who have passed away but refuse to enter the afterlife. Their goal is to stop the mysterious Angel and find serenity.

Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day

Expect a heartbreaking movie. A group of friends drift apart following a tragedy, as described in Anohana. They are forced to face their pasts and mend emotional wounds when one of them returns as a ghost.

Violet Evergarden

In Violet Evergarden, a former child soldier searches for meaning in a post-war society. She starts writing letters for other people, creating heartfelt sentiments. A breathtakingly beautiful and emotionally intense journey

Serial Experiments Lain

Get ready for Serial Experiments Lain to blow your head. As the reclusive Lain explores the wonders of the Wired, a forerunner to the internet, it examines the hazy boundaries between the physical world and the virtual one.

91 Days

91 Days is a riveting story of retribution that is set during the Prohibition era. Angelo Lagusa, the protagonist, joins the mafia to exact revenge for the murder of his family. This grim, gloomy series has an exciting plot.

A Place Farther Than The Universe

You embark on an incredible Antarctica expedition with this animation. Four high school girls go out to achieve their goals while forming friendships and overcoming obstacles.A touching story of perseverance.

Odd Taxi

You're taken on a crazy ride by Odd Taxi around the streets of a made-up metropolis where anthropomorphic animals live. The investigation into a mysterious missing person case reveals interwoven lives and secrets.

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