Top 10 Management Skills PM Modi Can Teach You

Create Brand Value:  PM Modi has created both a face value and a brand value for India.

Adversity to Opportunity:  Prime Minister Modi is skilled at transforming every obstacle into an opening.

Performance Is Important:  Over the past five years, PM Modi has performed magnificently.

Focus On Weak Areas:  PM Modi has taught us a valuable lesson about focusing on our areas of weakness.

Demand understanding:  PM Modi has demonstrated this understanding by implementing initiatives like Beti Bachao and the Direct Benefit Transfer GST.

Strong Team Spirit:  In his party, PM Modi has developed a strong team of leaders and workers.

Spending on the Right Channels:  PM Modi has taught us a valuable lesson about the importance of marketing spending on the appropriate channels.

Networking:   PM Modi has the ability to build strong relationships with people.

Right Strategy:  PM Modi is an excellent role model for how to analyse the situation and choose the appropriate course of action.

Keep an experienced Advisor:  PM Modi's advice on management includes keeping an experienced advisor on staff.

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