The top 9 fantasy films on Netflix

A popular film genre recognised for its inventive and fantastical storyline is fantasy. Here are 9 fantasy flicks you need to watch right now on Netflix.

Based on a webcomic by Joo Ho-min, this movie series. The stories, special effects, and examination of issues concerning life, death, and the hereafter are what make the movies so well-known.

Along With The Gods

The Huntsman's persona and the ethereal universe in which he lives are the main subjects of the movie.

The Huntsmen: Winter's War

John Constantine, played by Keanu Reeves, is a demon hunter who defends mankind from paranormal dangers.


Jim Henson's iconic fantasy movie has amazing puppets and a very imaginative setting.

The Dark Crystal

In the realm of the novel, young people receive training to become the heroes and villains of fairy tales.

The School For the Good and Evil

This movie series is a spin-off of the hugely well-liked manga and anime series of the same name produced by Hiromu Arakawa.

Full Metal Alchemist

It is a contemporary urban fantasy movie starring Will Smith and Joel Edgerton that takes place in a world where people live alongside fantastical monsters.


This video blends social commentary and fantasy in an original and thought-provoking way. The film is helmed by Bong Joon-ho.


This 2019 picture stands out for its innovative fusion of fantasy and Indian mythology with a futuristic setting.


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