Powerful positive thinking Bhagavad Gita quotes for success

Stay away from bad

To experience success in one's job and in life, one should abstain from lust, greed, and want.

Yoga always on top

One of the finest strategies to develop positive thinking is to practise yoga.

Control your emotions

One who manages their emotions will always remain calm and collected, whether they are frustrated or angry.

On belief

Beliefs influence a person's identity and behaviour. One becomes what they believe.

Never expect

More important than reaching the goal is doing your duty. Never start a task expecting to get results.

Never give up

Respect your job no matter what, and never give up. Even though things can get worse today and tomorrow, success will undoubtedly arrive the day after tomorrow.

Be disciplined

Peace and happiness may only be attained via mental discipline. A lifestyle or intellect that lacks discipline inevitably suffers.

On Actions

The one who sees inaction in action, and action in inaction, is a wise person

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