All women will adore these statements from Steve Harvey Steve Harvey is a comedian, actor, and television personality who has offered a lot of motivational sayings and words of wisdom over the course of his career. Here are nine quotes that appeal particularly to women.

Your career

You are paid for your career. What you were meant for is what your calling is.This saying exhorts women to pursue their interests and discover their actual vocations.

Walking away

Don't be frightened to leave; have enough self-love to recognise when enough is enough.Harvey stresses the value of having self-respect and understanding when to let go of people or circumstances that aren't healthy for you.

Your comeback

Your failure only serves as a prelude to your comeback.Harvey encourages women to see obstacles and failures as chances for personal development and ultimate success.


You can always reinvent yourself no matter your age.This saying exhorts women to embrace change and pursue new interests and ambitions at any point of their lives.

Your life story

Your life story is one that you have written. Harvey gives women the power to take charge of their lives, make decisions, and create their own stories.

What is success?

Being prepared and ready is key to success, but you also need to be willing to step through doors when they open.This quotation underlines the value of planning ahead and taking chances when they present themselves.

God's plan

You are in God's good hands, and He has a plan for you.Harvey's message encourages women to have faith in a higher power and have hope that good things are in store for them.

Road to success

The path to success is constantly being built.Harvey exhorts women to enjoy the journey and recognise that reaching success frequently necessitates constant growth and adaptability.

Seeking love

Instead of looking for love, your duty is to look for and identify all the obstacles you have put up inside of yourself.The idea that love begins with accepting oneself and overcoming emotional boundaries is reflected in this quotation.

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