STEVE JOBS, FOUNDER OF APPLE Steve Jobs was an American businessman who served as Apple's co-founder, chairman, and CEO. Here are some things that students can learn from him.

LIFE SKILLS FOR LEADERS Point your staff in the proper direction and assist them in locating a passion project.

RAISE THE RISK. Never be scared to take risks; instead, be brave.

USE YOUR MISTAKES AS LESSONS According to Steve Jobs, if you are terrified of failing, you won't advance very far. Do not be afraid of failure; rather, learn from it.

GO AROUND AND LEARN One gains a wider perspective and an understanding of what is possible through travel.

DO NOT BE AFRAID OF DIVERSITY He asserted that those that are insane change the world, therefore don't be scared to stand out.

DON'T CHANGE YOUR VISION Develop your own sense of innovation and don't be afraid to try SO

ACT IN YOUR LOVE He once suggested that you should find your passion.

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