Filial cannibalism, the practise of animals eating their own offspring, occurs in a variety of species for a variety of causes.

1. Hamsters If a female hamster is scared, intimidated, or thinks her surroundings is hazardous, she may occasionally consume her own young.

2. Scorpions Scorpions can give birth to over 100 young at once, and if a mother scorpion runs out of food, she may turn to devouring her own young.

3. Rats Sometimes, rodents like rats and mice will eat their own young if they are born with defects or if there aren't enough resources like food and space for them.

4. Hippopotamuses Hippopotamuses eat mostly plants. Hippos have been observed engaging in a variety of carnivorous and cannibalistic behaviours in recent years.

5. Polar Bear The largest species of terrestrial bear is the polar bear. In the recent past, polar bears have been observed in the wild devouring smaller, immature members of their own species.

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