Jawan is hailed as “one of the best” films ever in the early reviews, and Shah Rukh Khan’s fans are ecstatic.

Jawan, starring Shah Rukh Khan, debuted today at 5 AM (yep, you read it correctly), shattering records even before it was officially released. Now, it appears that 2023 belongs to SRK because Jawan is on track to surpass Khan’s all-time blockbuster after earning 1,000 crore with Pathaan. The initial opinions and responses are available. Let’s look at it.

Known casting director Mukesh Chhabra offers one of the first responses. He referred to it as “Massy with a message” and added that “Jawan was an emotional roller coaster…it affected me and gave me chills. One of the best Indian films overall and from Bollywood I’ve watched.

Because of early morning shows, Jawan reviews and responses from fans continued to flow in. I have never witnessed the Before Craze for a Bollywood star. To make box office history, Jawan travelled. biggest box office success in Bollywood. The #Jawan craze is unrivalled.

After watching about half of it, some admirers started posting their responses. “Till Now Jawan appeals to both general and class audiences. One user wrote, “South Indian Massy flavour & North Indian Classy Flavour.”

According to one user, Jawan is “not just the best action movie of SRK, but the best screenplay by any action director to date.” The characters acting out their parts and displaying emotions! It is a work by Atlee.

Go watch it and have some clean entertainment as you honour King Khan,” a supporter urged.

While writing “terrific” about SRK, one admirer also commented “FIRST HALF Blockbuster.” One commenter praised Nayanthara’s role as a cop by writing, “One word review – MEGA BLOCK BUSTER #Jawan is a proper massy movie with great action sequence, awesome visuals, and SRK in action avatar is the best thing u will ever see.”

Some fans circulated videos of early-morning housefull performances. In front of crowded theatres, fans could be seen dancing and having a good time.

‘Jawan’ movie review and release LIVE Updates

In the meantime, Jawan has outperformed Pathaan in terms of advance ticket sales. 5.57 lakh tickets for the film were sold on the first day. Pathaan had 5.56 lakh units sold. It seems obvious that Jawan will surpass Pathaan’s first-day revenue and set a new record for highest opening in Hindi. Trade experts predict that Jawan will target Rs 65–70 crore on day 1.

Rajakumari, a rapper, attended the screening as well. After the viewing, she was all praise for Jawan. She said to the press, “I was crying and screaming. I won’t spill any secrets to you guys, but it was incredible. She sang a few lines of the Jawan theme tune before boarding the automobile.

Reviews from the #Jawan Fans

Sanjay Rak : This movie doesn’t feature any nonsense, in contrast to Pathaan, where some of the movie scenes are dull and outside the realm of reality. Pure emotional and action drama, with Atlee Sir’s films (Bigil and Adirindhi or Mersal in Tamil) being far superior to most Bollywood productions. There is also a cameo by a Tamil star in this movie that will blow your mind, and anirudh provided god-level music that is exquisite and unmatched.

Richard Guleria : I just saw Jawan for the first time, and it is undoubtedly an all-time classic. The success of the film is mostly due to SRK’s performance, which is reinforced by all of the other aspects of the film. One of the best Bollywood films ever made, as well as SRK’s personal favourite. Go watch it amidst the cheers and applause the audience will be giving in the theatre. Everything will be to your taste.. Simply take in the scenery. #SRK #LASTOFTHESTARS

Singh, Akash: OK, men. We must all agree that this movie is really, really fantastic. I’m referring to the BGM and the original plot. Although the music may have been better, the action scenes and story make it all worth it. likewise congratulations to the VFX team

Sahilpreet Singh: Jawan is Srk’s best film thus far. Srk gave exceptional performances in both roles. Excellent, never-before-seen action. Dailogues on the Baap level. Bgm is by far the best advice Anirudh has offered. As Kaali, Vijay did excellent acting. Nayanthara performed admirably and had a lovely appearance. Vfx is fantastic. Surprises, unanticipated cameos, and unexpected turns abound in the story. The message in the movie is amazing. The best mass-market film you will ever see is Jawan. Epic amounts of drama, emotion, action, and thrill are present. Only watch this in theatres, please. It is a holiday that ought to be observed with loved ones, family, and friends.

Aman Chauhan: Shah Rukh Khan gave a fantastic performance in the movie. Amazing film The largest Mass-Action film in Indian cinematic history, starring Vijay Sethupathy and a stellar ensemble cast, is being done honour to Vijay’s character.

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